Chiles Propane Heating and Cooling Serves Moore County

Moore County TNMoore County, Tennessee is located in southern middle Tennessee, with a population of approximately 6500, and anchored by the city of Lynchburg.

The County is widely known and a popular tourist destination primarily because of the Jack Daniel’s Distillery. The Distillery draws more than 250,000 visitors annually; visitors enjoy well-designed and interesting tours.

Chiles Propane Heating and Cooling serves Moore Countians, ensuring their homes and businesses are comfortable through state-of-the-art heating and cooling solutions.

The quaint, old-fashioned city of Lynchburg is home to a 100-year-old courthouse, the Moore County Jail Museum, a Tennessee Walking Horse Museum, multiple antique stores and country restaurants, and many other visitor attractions.

Map of Lynchburg Moore County TN

Benefits of Propane

  • Environmentally friendly
  • Does not contain lead
  • Low sulphur content
  • Highly Portable Fuel
  • Increased energy security
  • Highly concentrated energy
  • Protects public health
  • More convenient than electricity
  • Lower cost